Testing for COVID-19 – Is it improving?

covid test

Don’t you think it’s ridiculous that we don’t have better testing capabilities?

At this point, many of us who want a test can get it, but it takes 7 – 10+ days to get the results back. Some people are waiting even longer!


If you make an appointment through the state of New York (or whatever state you live), you can get a quick test with a turn around in 24-hours.

You can also pay out-of-pocket and get the test back quickly. I heard it was $150, but I can’t verify it. (One website said it was $850.)

But for those of us who go to CityMD or any other urgent care, it takes a minimum of 7 – 10 days, maybe more!

The Test Itself

Everyone wants to know how bad the test is. Is it painful? Is it uncomfortable?

I say, “have you had a strep throat test?” If you say, “yes,” then you know how that goes. It’s about on the same level. So if you think the strep test isn’t bad, you won’t think this one is either.

I had a COVID test done at CityMD in Merrick. I walked in. I was taken immediately. The doctor came in asked if I had symptoms. I told him I went to Florida and wanted to make sure. I was on quarantine anyway, so what difference did another 7 days make?

He put the swab that looked like a Q-tip up my nose and out. The test was done. I had some slight discomfort after but nothing that Tylenol couldn’t solve.


Are people who get the test and don’t show symptoms really quarantining during those 10 days? How long before someone gets annoyed and says to themselves, “screw it, I’m going out?”

During those 10 days, I felt fine. I was inclined to go to the supermarket. I was also thinking about going to Home Goods. But, I opted not to. I used Insacart instead.

Do you really think everyone is staying in?

There is something wrong here!

When one person gets the results back within 24 hours and the other waits 10 days, it says to me that there is something very wrong with our system. Someone needs to look into this and make sure that these tests get done quickly and efficiently so that no one walks around with the virus.

That’s just my 2 cents. Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section.