Karbon Diamond Tech Ski Pant Review


I recently purchased a pair of Karbon Diamond Tech Ski Pants to wear with either my black North Face or blue Bogner ski jacket. Here’s my review.

The Look

I absolutely love the look of these pants. They are primarily red with floral designs with hints of blue and white.

The Functionality

These Karbon Diamond Tech ski pants are waterproof but breathable. You know when you wear waterproof gear and you sweat in it. That doesn’t happen with these pants.

They have a three-part adaptive laying system which includes a wicking layer, an insulating layer, and a weather protective layer.

The red ski pants are the Karbon ski pants.

I love the velcro on the waste. You can tighten or loosen. They are also stretchy and move with you. I was a little nervous because wearing a pair of long johns under them, they felt a little snug. But, when I got out on the mountain the performance was outstanding. they moved with me. I felt very comfortable in the Karbon Diamond Tech ski pants.

In addition to the look and feel of these ski pants, the best part about these pants, is they are made of recyclable fibers.

Where Can You Get Them?

You can purchase them online at Amazon or where I bought them on Rulala.com.