Selfies in Strange Place


When I competed in my first triathlon, I was so proud. I asked the first person I saw to take a photo of me. I didn’t notice the background. I was standing in front of the porta-potties.

After that, I started to take note of the background of my selfies. But, lately, I’ve noticed that people are taking selfies in strange places.

At the Orlando Magic Game

For example, when I went to visit my son in Orlando, I went to an outlet mall. There, I noticed people from out-of-town taking selfies in front of a loading dock at the outlets. I looked and shook my head. Why? They couldn’t find a better location to take a family shot????

All you saw behind them were big dumpsters and the back of stores. There were no signs either. I wondered why they didn’t take the photos in the mall.

My son and I in front of a dilapidated house in Austin

The next day, I saw three or four people taking a selfie in the hotel parking lot. They were facing the parkway and there were cars parked behind them. It was one of the worst places, in my opinion, to take a selfie. Again, why?

Not sure what people think when they take selfies. Maybe they don’t care about the location. Maybe just being with the people they love is enough for a good photo. I’m not sure.

But, in any event, I’m hyper-aware now of what is behind me before I take a photo and I hope you are too. Happy snapping!

Let me know of a time you took a selfie and weren’t happy with the background! You may win a free Branding in a Digital World book, my second published book released in December 2019.