Zoe Lewis – Always a Sixpence Review

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I’ve seen Zoe Lewis perform a number of times and every time I watch her, I have a big smile on my face. Her performances are that good. She recently released her newest album, Always a Sixpence, and below is my review.

Amazing Performer

Zoe has a dynamic sound. Her voice is beautiful and she has a wide range of different styles of music she plays. She is one of the most talented artists I know. On this album, Always a Sixpence, she sings lead vocals, plays guitar, ukulele, Hammond organ, whistles and percussion.

Zoe Lewis
Zoe Lewis

She is accompanied on the album by back up vocals by Julie Wolf, Kate Wolf, and Chandler Travis. She also has a percussionist, recorder, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, flamenco guitar, saxophone and violin laced in the album.

Always a Sixpence

Zoe Lewis’ newest album, Always a Sixpence has a variety of different types of music. Each song is unique and stands out. Zoe wrote all of the songs and the music. She is a storyteller.

The first song, Speeding Down 6 is probably my favorite on the album, but I actually loved all of it.

Chili sounds like tango music. It’s fun, upbeat and you just want to sip Margaritta’s and dance the night away!

The title song, Always a Sixpence is a light, melancholy song. It lets the listeners see Zoe’s full range of vocals. Perfect is a wonderful song about someone who is perfect! It makes you bop and smile.

These Shoes is a great song. I love the lines, “I’d rather be ruled by love, not fear.” And, “Try on these shoes before you take a walk in somebody else’s shoes.” This is an upbeat and fun, yet powerful song. It almost has a 1960s flair with the trumpet in the background.

Hiroshima is the saddest song on the album. It talks about the bomb that hit Hiroshima. The music and her beautiful voice give you a sense of sadness.

The last song on the album is Let Me Entertain You. It’s fun, upbeat and I’m sure it is a show opener. You can’t help by bop your head when you listen to this one.

Zoe Lewis is an amazingly talented artist. She appears in small venues around the country and if you ever see her in your area, you should definitely catch her show. It’s fun, upbeat and you will leave with a smile on your face. But, if you can’t catch an upcoming show, I would highly recommend picking up her new album, Always a Sixpence. You can buy it on her website at https://zoelewis.com/store-1.