Keens Steakhouse in Manhattan

derek at keens steakhouse

Keens Steakhouse is one of the oldest and most prestigious steakhouses in New York City. The restaurant was frequented by Buffalo Bill, President Theodore Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and hundreds of other famous people.

Keens was built before 1885 and became known for its amazing Mutton but also as a place to hang your pipe. There are hundreds of pipes hanging from the ceiling and it is the largest collection of churchwarden pipes in the world.

What we ate

Keens Steakhouse is located at 72 West 36th Street in Manhattan. When you walk in, you can feel the history. There are lots of victorian paintings on the walls in addition to the pipes hanging from the ceiling. There are so many places to look but try not to look any further than your plate.

We went to Keens for my son’s 25th birthday. My husband, my daughter, son-in-law, birthday boy, and I were there.

My family ordered one Mutton (which is lamb, rolled and roasted in the oven and Keens’ signature dish), a porterhouse steak for two, and a lobster. We split it among the five of us.

Keens' steak

Vegetables are ordered separately, like many of the other steakhouses around.

After dinner, we had a few desserts for the table, including a chocolate birthday cake, a cheesecake, and a banana’s foster (my favorite).

What did we think

I thought it was one of those places that you should go to once in your lifetime. It was an experience from the decor to the food. I found it exceptional.

Now, when you compare to a Peter Lugar’s, there’s not that much of a comparison. My family tended to think Lugar’s was better. But I loved Keens and would highly recommend it.

The prices were high but that’s what it is in a steakhouse. If you go figure it will cost about $100 a person with wine. For more information on Keen’s Steakhouse go to

Hilary's 4 star rating