Life in Business: When You Do Silly Things…


Life in Business: When you do silly things…

My 84-year-old dad called me the other day and told me that when he drives, he easily gets lost. “My mind isn’t the same any longer,” he said.

I didn’t say anything to him but sometime, I feel like that too. There are times when I’m driving and “spacing out” and end up in very odd places.

The other day, I was having breakfast with a friend and past client. He was sitting at a table when I got there. He had a cup of coffee in front of him.

We conversed for a bit. At some point during our conversation, without giving it any thought, I reached over and pulled his coffee toward me and proceeded to pour in milk. As I was just about to pour it in the cup, Bill, my friend, reached over and touched my arm.

“Hilary,” he said, “that’s ummm, my cup of coffee….”

We both laughed. I gave it back to him and waited for the waitress. (I was so embarrassed!)

The next day,  I went to a restaurant with Lisa Gordon, HJMT’s Executive Vice President. “I have to go to the bathroom,” I told her.

I got up from our table and headed into the ladies room. When I opened the door, things looked odd. There was a toilet in the main area and then another enclosed toilet in another area. “What is with this?” I thought. “I guess it’s just a NYC thing…”

I took another look. OMG, I was in the men’s room…. Okay, now I think I’m losing it!

Now that I’ve shared, tell me a time that something similar to this happened to you in the comment area below. (P.S. A good story gets a prize! I have lots of giveaways! I’ll ping you for your address.)