Should We Pay to Use a Public Restroom?

On my recent trip to Eastern Europe, I noticed that everywhere we went – a museum, a park, a restaurant – there was a fee to use the restrooms.

At first, I was a little disturbed by this.  If you need to use the bathroom, it should be available to you free of charge.

But then, after seeing the cleanliness of the bathrooms, I realized that maybe the Europeans were on to something.

At the airport in Budapest, I went to the bathroom, it was free and it was a total mess!

The only problem with paying for the bathroom was you needed exact change in many of them and that was an issue.  The rates to use the facilities ranged from .25 to 1 euro.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather go to a clean bathroom and pay a little then go to a dirty bathroom and pay nothing.  What do you think?


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