MOO and it’s not a Cow Saying It!

I recently received a perk on  For those of you who don’t know what is, it’s a site that aggregates your engagement in social media and gives you a score.  The scores are based on a scale from 1 to 100 with 100 being the best social networker and 0 having no social experience.

I signed up for the site a while back and have been watching my progression.  Since I started, I have had a Klout score of 60 and have gone up to 63, but that’s been the highest.  However, because of my Klout score, I earned a perk (an award).  My perk was MOO cards.

I was so excited. I was getting something for free!

What I love about the company is, after I filled my order, I got a confirmation and every couple of days, I would get another email letting me know where my business cards were.  Could you imagine?

The whole process was virtual. I didn’t speak with anyone and yet, I knew exactly where my cards were at every given moment.  The day the shipment arrived; I opened the bag to find a small white box that said, “Yay!” on it. I smiled.  What fun!

I opened the cards and got high quality cards from all of my photos that were downloaded on my computer.  Some were black and white and others were in full color.  On the reverse side, I had my logo and all of my social networking sites.

I really love the feel of the cards. They are so smooth and silky.  I was surprised that they were as nice as they were for a “free” lot.

MOO was started in England, but the cards that I received were printed right here and hand packed in Rhode Island.  The paper is made from sustainable forests.

The cool thing about MOO is that it came with little theatre tickets that provide me with 10% off my next order.

Now that’s something to MOO about…



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