What’s Your Klout Score?

Justin Bieber has a Klout score of 100. This is the highest Klout score you can get. Have you wondered what your score could be?

Klout, for those of you not familiar, is an aggregator that looks at your online influence and compiles a score.  The higher your engagement with your community, the higher your Klout score.

According to Wired Magazine, Sarah Palin has a Klout score of 72, yet the Aflac Duck has only a score of 47.  I was interested in my score, so I decided to check in with Klout and see where I stood. My score lingers between a 60 and 63.

I became interested in how I can boost my score. How can I beat out Sarah Palin?  The Wired Magazine article suggested a couple of thing:

  • Make sure to tweet consistently and often
  • Concentrate on one topic instead of many
  • Develop relationships with people who have a lot more influence and higher Klout scores
  • Keep things upbeat and light, stay away from negative stuff

However, once you reach a certain point, it’s very hard to spike your score.  The author of the article went from a 31 to a 46 but once he was at the 46, he was unable to get it higher.

I tried linking more social networking sites with the Klout score.  I also tried to link it up with my WordPress account but had the hardest time doing that.  I even got my web developer involved in the process and he couldn’t figure it out.

So if there are certain things that you can’t link up for whatever the reason, is the Klout score really an accurate account of your social activity?


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