What’s Your Klout Score?



Klout gets so much controversy.  Many marketers use it to find influencers in the community.  However, there are a handful of people who are in the social media/marketing field who think the sites are a complete waste of time.

Whatever your thoughts about using a site to measure influence, engagement and followers, are beside the point.  Klout is an important vehicle for marketers to find influencers in the community – period.  Marketers can use these bloggers or microbloggers to help project their message to their targeted demographic.

Check out what happened with me with Sony.  They looked at my Klout score, asked me to take photos of my neighborhood and share with my community.  As a result of just reaching out to me, Sony had more than 100,000 impressions a day over the course of eight weeks.  That’s a lot of reach!

That being said, what is a good Klout score?

Time Magazine recently published the top influencers on Klout.  Number 1 is President Barack Obama at 99, next is Justin Timberlake at 93, while Pope Francis is #18 with a Klout score of 85.

But if you’re a regular kind of guy, having a Klout score of more than 55 is good.  That means that people listen to you.  Your community is involved in what you are doing and care about what you have to say.  Many times, it also means that your community will share things they feel are important with you.

Klout isn’t perfect.  I know for some reason I can’t connect my WordPress blog to the site and my blog gets more than 35,000 unique visitors a month. But without that, my Klout score fluctuates around a 71.

What does your Klout score say about you?


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