British Manners? None at Mulberry!

I’m sorry but if you spend a lot of money on an item from a reputable company, you should be able to be treated with respect and help.

I purchased a Mulberry bag from London for my birthday.  I was there this April and wanted a nice bag as a birthday present.  I could have purchased any designer bag but since Mulberry is a British company and I was spending the week in London, I thought it would be nice to purchase something from the country as a keepsake.

I bought a “new” style.  The bag is the color of denim and I thought it would go perfect with both work and casual attire.

After a month, the bag started to look worn.  After three months, the bag looked like it went through a war.

If I was using the bag every day, I would understand.  But I used it maybe once a week and then stored it in a dust bag.

I was so disappointed with the bag that I decided to go to Mulberry on 58th and Madison in Manhattan to discuss.

“I’m sorry but since you don’t have the receipt, we can’t do anything for you,” the salesperson said.  There were three salespeople in the store and there was no other customers.

“Really? I spent a lot on this bag and I would think that you would take it back and at the very least fix it up,” I said.

“If you want us to refurbish it, there will be an additional cost,” she said not being helpful at all. “And anyway, the reason that it’s not holding up is it’s very soft leather. You should have realized that when you got it.”

“But no one ever said anything to me,” I said.  I felt as if I got ripped off and that these salespeople didn’t care about my situation.  I felt like crying.

I was so upset.  I spent $,1500 on this bag and only bought it three months ago and they can’t do anything?

Do all expensive designer stores act the same way?

I walked into Henri Bendel’s, Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton and asked them the question, “if I’m not happy with your product after a couple of months, what is your customer service policy?”

All three responded the same way, “bring it back and we will replace or repair free of charge and you don’t need the receipt.”

Well, how do you like that? Would I recommend Mulberry?  What do you think?

P.S. The bag on this blog is not the actual bag I purchased.

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  1. Sharon Yamamoto

    That’s very strange that it looked so bad with such careful use..I would be very, very annoyed.

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