Surprise You’re in First Class?

I was on a recent Delta flight and got to the gate later than I wanted. I was one of the last people on the plane.  When I handed over my ticket to be scanned by the agent, I was told that my seat was given away but that I got another one in business class.

I didn’t really care but I hoped it would be comfortable because I was going on a long flight to London from JFK.

When I got on the plane the flight attendant directed me to business class and offered me a glass of champagne.

I sat down and realized that this was really first class. The seats reclined into a bed. There was a television for each person with our own remote controls. Once the plane took off, we were given a menu with a choice of fish, meat or pasta.   We were also given a selection of appetizers along with a glass of wine.

I remember when (I hate when people say that) you went on a plane and you were given a hot meal with a choice. I also remember when bags flew free…. But that was a long time ago that will probably never come again.

After dinner, the flight attendant wanted to know if I wanted an ice cream sundae or a soufflé.  I didn’t want either.  I just wanted to sleep and was excited to take down the seat and turn it into a flat bed.

What a special treat! Too bad this doesn’t happen all the time…



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  1. Lisa

    Lucky duck! That never happens to me and I’m always so jealous of the people that get upgraded!

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