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What should I wear to the gym?

Okay, stop laughing.  I’m serious over here. I’ve been going to New York Sports Club for more than two years now.

When I started, I wore big bulky tee shirts and a pair of shorts.  But I sweat a lot and I didn’t feel comfortable in that.

I looked around and noticed that most of the women in the Long Beach club wore tight tanks and tight fitting bike shorts or yoga pants. (There was one woman who wore tight, tight pink leggins and a tight tank.  The only thing was, she was kind of chunky so the outfit really didn’t work!)

A few months into it, I started to wear Syracuse tee-shirts and tight bike shorts. When I started to lose a lot of weight and feel less self-conscience, I wore skin tight Brooks tanks and Nike running shorts. But I still wasn’t quite sure if that was the right attire.

Since I have one of those passes that cost a ridiculous amount of money but lets you go to any gym in the New York metro area, I started to check out other gyms.

When I went into the city, I checked out other clubs.  One gym was on 59th and Park.  Then there was the one of 14th Street by Union Square.  I’ve even been to the one on 51st and third. The one thing about all the three gyms is that everyone wears similar attire. Tank tops and tight shorts. The tighter and shorter, the shorts the better… I guess.

I decided to look it up on line and scour through the stacks of magazines that I get each month and found that InStyle Magazine had a one pager on what to wear to the gym, except it was totally impractical!  Yeah, it looked chic but come on, will a nice cardigan sweater and sandals really work at the gym?

I went to the Nike outlet to pick up some shorts because my husband told me that the running shorts I wear look too much like old gym uniforms and are way too short. So I bought two pairs of women’s basketball shorts.

“Oh my God,” my daughter said as I came out of my bedroom. “You can’t wear those. They look ridiculous on you. No one wears shorts like that, only the boys.”

So, I’m stumped.  Do I wear yoga pants and a tight tank to the gym or do I wear a light pair of running shorts and a tank top?

This whole issue leaves me with the continuous question, what do I wear to New York Sports Club?


  1. Anonymous

    Hilary, wear what is comfortable for you to work out in. I have gone to the gym with cut offs, and an old Nike shirt (my lucky shirt, lucky its still in one piece, holier than…) So along with what makes for a nice workout, go with what makes you feel nice.

    1. Hilary

      Thank you!  I appreciate your feedback!

  2. PRKristie

    Personally, I usually like a tank and yoga pants when I work out, but sad to say I haven’t been to the gym in a long long time. I think you should wear what you are comfortable with and not worry about anyone else.

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