On Getting My Third COVID Shot Plus the Flu Shot

Getting a booster

It seemed like it took a long time before the FDA and the CDC approved the third Moderna vaccination. I had gotten my first two in January and February of 2021. Once they were approved, I had to wait until after my meniscus surgery to get the booster.

Since I was due to get the flu shot too, I decided to get them together.

Rite Aid Pharmacy

It’s interesting to me, that pharmacies are now giving out the COVID booster (flu, shingles, and pneumonia shots too). I remember years ago, we all went to the doctor to receive these types of shots.

Anyway, I made an appointment with Rite Aid, and a couple of days later, I went to the Bellmore location and got both the flu and COVID booster.

They even gave me a nice little folder along with a bottle of hand sanitizer for my car.

How Did I Feel?

That evening, both my arms hurt me. But it wasn’t terrible. The next day, I felt a little under the weather but not as bad as when I got the first two COVID shots. (One year, I had a terrible reaction to the flu vaccine. So, it could have been from that.)

Whatever the case, I felt okay. To me, being better protected was important. I knew way too many people who got break-thru cases of COVID and got very sick. I didn’t want to be one of them.

Would I recommend the Vaccine?

I believe everyone has a choice to do what they want. However, my mother had polio. She always instilled the importance of vaccines in me. If there were a polio vaccine when she was a young child, she may still be alive today. (She was sick her entire life.)

I also know many people who have passed away as a result of getting COVID, way too many people. It saddens me to hear of a case of a son losing his mother because she didn’t get the vaccine. Or, losing a talented friend who at the time he got it, no one knew what it was. Or, even talking with an orthopedic surgeon who got the virus early on and now has long-term effects.

Who needs it?

I pray that all of my readers stay healthy through this next virus mutation and beyond!