On Playing Golf with the Three “B’s”

Last Saturday, I played golf with Brian (my husband), Bob and Bill (two guys I never met). I felt a little out of place wishing my name was Barbara or Betty but I managed being the only “H” in the crowd.

We were at Eisenhower Park on the Blue course. I never actually played Blue before. I played Red several times and White a couple of times but never Blue. The course was actually in great shape. I was surprised. The greens were nicely groomed and the tee boxes had grass. (That always seems to surprise me on a public course.)

I actually surprised myself at how well I did considering that the summer was a blow out for me. Between the broken toe, my torn meniscus and then my food poisoning issues, I played very little, maybe less than five times the whole summer.

It felt so good to link shots and not have too many “flubs.” (I have to admit I had one or two during the round.) Making contact with the ball and getting in the air always just feel good.

The sun was shining. The sky was clear blue. There were no clouds in the sky and there was a cool breeze. It was a perfect autumn day to be outside and play.

As I played, I had a clear mind. I was focused on what I was doing. The only thoughts that entered my mind was, “will I flub this shot?” or “come on get it on the green!”

There’s nothing like playing a sport where all you think about is the actual sport and nothing else. Golf to me is a total escape.

Tell me what your escape is…


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