Crocs Make Golf Shoes for Ladies?

Who would have thought that Crocs now makes golf shoes! And who would have thought that Crocs would make golf shoes specifically for ladies?

The other day, I was pleasantly surprised to see a box from Crocs at my door.

“Did you buy Crocs?” my husband asked.

“No, why would I buy Crocs?” I asked.

CrocsI opened the box and found the cutest pair of golf shoes I have seen in a long time!  Called Women’s Karlene Golf Shoes, they were black and white and had pink and white laces with a flap that covered the laces.  I immediately tried them on and walked around. Wow, they were comfortable!

What’s cool about them is that they are waterproof, lined with Croslite material on the footbed for that comfort that you know and love from the traditional Crocs, and they are multi-traction for a secure grip.

I have never owned a pair of Crocs but I know tons of people who swear by them as being the most comfortable shoes around. Well, I can tell you that they are amazingly comfortable.

Interestingly, these Golf Crocs resemble Converse All-Stars.  They also come with two colored shoe laces — hot pink and white, to make them extra cute!

They look like they would be heavy but on the contrary. They are extremely light weight. They have the same plastic feel as the original Crocs, that’s why I know people will love them.

I also love the bottoms.  They have soft spikes in pink around the perimeter of the bottom of the shoe. White soft spikes line the middle making it easy to walk, especially when it’s slightly damp or muddy on the course.

I typically wear an 8 in a golf shoe, but the 7 seemed to fit me fine.  (I wear a 7 in regular shoes.) I felt like it was slightly snug but think that will be okay for a round of golf.

Who would have thought that Crocs would have expanded out their market? But they did and they did it in a big way.  I can’t wait to wear them during the season and I would recommend them to my golfer friends because of the comfort.

The Golf Crocs are affordable and priced under $50.  Many of the local retailers sell them.