On Spirituality…


I was laying on the massage table the other day at the Equinox in Woodbury waiting for the massage therapist to enter the room. I was thinking my husband was out of town and here was my opportunity to pamper myself.  It had been a stressful week at work and I just wanted to relax.

The therapist was very nice but very chatty. On one level, I didn’t mind because I found what she said very interesting on the other level, all I wanted to do was go into a deep relaxation mode.

I don’t remember how we got on to the conversation about Sedona but we did. I told her I was just there.  She asked me about the energy fields and the vortexes. I told her that my husband who had been a skeptic felt them right away.  She was excited.

“You are my message that I need to go there,” she told me.

Hmmm… I started to think about that statement. She went on, “as a matter of fact, nothing that happens in our lives is a coincidence. It was all meant to happen.  People come into your life for a purpose and a reason.  They teach you something and then move on…”

She started to talk about her parents and the next thing I knew, I was comparing her parents to my parents.  They sounded like the same parents!

I don’t remember how this was brought up but I told her I was turning 50 and I was a little “freaked out” about it. She told me to embrace it.

“Just imagine what you knew 10 years ago and what you know now,” she said. “Look at how you have grown spiritually. You know so much more now than you ever knew before. Think about how much you will learn between now and 10 years from now. It’s all about learning and growing spiritually. It gets you ready for your next place in time.”

She got me thinking. I wondered if she was right. Do we meet up with people from our past or our future by accident or is it all meant to be? Do we need to be tuned into our spiritual growth in order to get to the next level?  And finally, what is that next level?



  1. Beth

    Not sure about “meant to be” but I believe we can learn from all the things that happen in our life and people we meet, and that makes us grow spiritually.

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      Thanks Beth for your comment… It’s interesting to think about life that way… 

  2. Lisa

    Totally believe in fate, but also think life is yours for the taking. It’s up to you to make the most of the opportunities, circumstances and events that make up your life! 

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