OPI vs ESSIE Nail Polish

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Pink nail polish.
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For the longest time, whenever I went to the nail salon (I like to go to Best Nails in Long Beach), I would select an OPI color. I guess I migrated over to the OPI colors because I like the shape of the bottle. It looks like expensive nail polish and therefore, in my head, I’m thinking that it will last longer than ESSIE, which is the other brand at the salon.

I was pleasantly surprised when OPI offered me an opportunity to be part of their blogger program.  This meant that I would receive new nail polish any time I would like and in return for the nail polish, I would blog about their product.

To me, it was a no “brainer.” I used their products any way and already endorsed it so why not get some free colors and try them out?

Then OPI decided to send all their bloggers a questionnaire.  They decided to be selective with their nail polish.  They would only give out free polish to bloggers who primarily blogged about beauty products.  Since I blog about everything, I was booted out!

But OPI continued to send me press releases to publish in my blog.  I really couldn’t understand it?

My blog was good enough for free publicity but it wasn’t good enough to send me free samples?

After that, I decided I would try out ESSIE.  Why not?  Maybe I was being unfair? How can I judge nail polish by the bottle?

The least four times that I’ve been to the salon, I’ve used ESSIE and you know what?  I actually like it better.  Not only that, but it lasts all week!  That never happened with OPI!  Once I put it on, it would chip by the next day.

So, my endorsement now lies with ESSIE.  I wonder if they have a blogger program?



  1. Ellen

    Love Essie! It’s the only polish I use at the salon and I even buy it on my own. Their colors are so cool! 

  2. Lisa

    Essie is my favorite too! 

  3. Jamie

    I had the same thing happen! I blogged about OPI pretty consistently and gave them so much press, but was denied entry to the network too. Don’t let it bother you — just enjoy using different brands!

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      That is funny… I’m glad I’m not the only one denied… 

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