On turning 50…

What’s going on lately?  I feel like everything around me is turning 50!

Preservation Hall turned 50 and had an amazing show to commemorate it at Carnegie Hall.  LIFE Cereal is 50 this year.  Funny thing is, I never tasted LIFE Cereal before this year!

There’s also a ton of celebrities turning 50 – Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Matthew Broderick and Jon Bon Jovi!

At first, I was reluctant to turn 50.  The number 50 sounds so old.  Yet, seeing who else is turning 50 this year, makes me realize, I’m in good company!

P.S. I’m not 50 yet… but soon…

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  1. Vivian Leber

    Your post got me thinking, Hilary. Having lived for a while now on the other side of the great divide, I believe that 50 plus is a great time of life, maybe the best. As long as we stay healthy, everything we’ve invested in should be doing well with lower-intensity investment of time and money: career (check), kids and relationships (check), personal assets (check) … that is, if the economy and other external events stay on an even keel. On the other hand, buildings and institutions often need an overhaul at age 50 (my house built in 1959, the Tappan Zee Bridge ….).

  2. Lisa

    It’s just a number! 50 and still fabulous!

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