Ooops… An Accident On the Plane…


I go on planes so often, sometimes I feel like I live on them.  I know every word that the flight attendant says before the plane takes off and I know what most of the bells from the flight deck mean.

On my way back from Seattle, I decided to put my laptop bag in the overhead compartment.  Once the flight got underway, I went to retrieve my backpack and as I opened the compartment, a cane came flying out.

“Hey!” a woman in the seat in front of me said.  She started to scream, she hit me, she hit me.

“OMG, I am so sorry,” I said to her, but she didn’t listen.  It was almost like I was invisible.

The flight attendant came running over to her, “did you get hit by the cane?” she asked.

“Yes, and I’m in a lot of pain,” the woman said.

I continued to apologize but my words were not heard.  I know it was an accident and it wasn’t like I pushed the cane out of the overhead bin, it just flew out when I opened the compartment.

The flight attendant got a bag of ice and the woman kept it on her head the entire flight.  I felt terrible.

Once the flight landed and the bells rang, I stood up to get my stuff.  A women in the row behind who sat diagonally across from me said, “listen, you didn’t do anything.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The cane fell out of the overhead bin but it didn’t even touch the woman.  It just fell on the floor,” she said.  “I don’t know why she made a production with the ice.  She probably was looking for a free ticket.”

I was shocked. I looked at the woman and she looked at me and we both laughed…

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  1. Ron

    Next the women will sue the airline.

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