Was Everything Founded in Seattle?


I was just in Seattle, Washington.  I really had no idea what the place was like. I just knew that it was in the pacific northwest, below Vancouver, Canada.  I also knew that it was “supposed to be a great place to live,”  it rained a lot and it had great restaurants.

But, what I didn’t know was, Starbucks, Boeing, Nordstrom’s, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, and REI were all founded there!

I peeked into the first original Starbucks located at Pike Place Market.  I was unable to get in due to a tremendous line.

I saw where Boeing was located but didn’t have time to go to the aviation museum on their facility.

I did go into the first original Nordstrom’s and was truly excited. Nordstrom’s is one of my favorite stores due to its excellent customer service. I had so much fun looking at shoes, hats, and accessories.

Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon were not visited but I did visit the town in which they were located!

Lastly, REI was a magnificent store.  It had everything from a mountain bike path, where you can test out various mountain bikes, to an indoor hiking trail to test out hiking shoes.  They had a climbing wall and even had a place to eat.  I could have spent all day there. I never saw so much gear in my life. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Modell’s, and Sports Authority don’t compare!

When I left Seattle this past week, I realized that if you want to start a company that will go global, start it in Seattle. It has a great track record!

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  1. RichKruse

    Sounds like u had a great trip!

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