Product Review: Zippo Outdoor Emergency Fire Starter

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to light a fire quickly?

If you like to go camping, outbound skiing or hiking, there are times when you need something that will start a fire quick and easy and the Zippo’s Emergency Fire Starter is a product that will do the trick.

The other night, I didn’t have an emergency but I wanted to light a fire in my yard. I just bought a fire pit for my backyard and wanted to sit in the backyard drinking hot toddies and eating s’mores.

I took out my new Zippo Emergency Fire Starter, which was recently sent to me for review, and I quickly and easily started a fire.  I was actually amazed at the ease of the product.  I really thought I would find it difficult to use, but it wasn’t.

What I like about the fire starter is that it’s lightweight and is bright orange to easily spot amidst all of your outdoor gadgets.   This is especially useful for hiking when you lug around a ton of gear.

The o-ring type component around the opening allows the top to close snuggly; this watertight seal gives it an added touch of reliability. The sparker is just as you would find on any Zippo lighter, except that it is turned 90 degrees so that the sparks fly out of the front.  I thought this was useful because I’m always afraid that I will get burned.  But I didn’t feel that way when I was using the product.

The case can carry up to four tinder sticks, but Zippo sells refills in packs of 8 as well. The sticks resemble little matches, but are made of cotton and wax.

What I really love most about this product is that it’s waterproof. For those of you who like outback skiing, this product is great.  If for example you get caught in an avalanche, this Zippo Emergency Fire Starter can be used it to light a fire to get help.

I also think the price is right and not too expensive. The Zippo Emergency Fire Starter sells for $9.00-$12.00 on and a Tinder Stick set of 8 refill pack sells for $.01-$5.00, you can buy the packs in bulk, too.

So the next time you are going hiking, camping or just enjoying the wilderness, I would strongly recommend having the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter in case you need to light a fire quickly.  I was happy with the product and I think you will be too.