The Who Concert at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn…

The Who concert at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn was a great show.  Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend were incredible.  They still know how to rock and roll after all these years!

The Who played Quadraphenia. It was incredibly emotional. Negative images of the world in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s filled the large screens behind the stage. It made me cry.

The thing about the concert that struck me the most were the side shows.  I was sitting on the end of a row. People kept moving up and down the aisle constantly.  I never saw so much movement at a concert! There were quite a few people who just stood in the aisle as well which blocked my view. The “hippie” in front of me was screaming at folks to keep moving or to sit down.

To my left, there was another scene. A woman in her 50’s or 60’s was on something. She was dancing, which was fine, but then she started to lap dance her boyfriend.  I was shocked. I shouldn’t have pointed it out to my son but I couldn’t believe it.  We both laughed.

There was a couple with a young boy behind her.  The mother was screaming at the drunken woman.  At some point, the boyfriend picked himself up and left. He told the couple behind him that he didn’t know the drunken woman. At that point, the drunken women made a scene

and went after the “mother.”  About 10 security guards came down the aisle after that and stood there.  Now my view of the show was totally blocked.

“Is it possible to move or take it outside?” I asked the security guard. “We all paid good money to see this show not the side show.”

“Miss,” he said, “just look at the stage and mind your own business.”

Mind my own business?  These security guards were ruining the show for my entire section of the theatre!


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