– New Social Networking Site

Everything is changing again.  Google + just added a community where people can discuss various topics that interest them.  Facebook now has a “year in review” where they pull all of your most popular photos, status updates and activity into one spot.  LinkedIn has a new updated profile page along with a new corporate page. Pinterest added the new secret pages. And now, Microsoft just introduced a new social networking site called Socl.

Socl, which launched in May for Microsoft employees and college students, recently became available to everyone.  The site resembles Pinterest but seems much more robust.

You can access Socl easily through your Facebook or Microsoft accounts.  Once you are in, you can see other people’s posts without having to follow them. But, there is a follow feature.

To post about yourself, the site asks you to show something that is unique to you. It even has a Socl bookmark that you can place on your browser dashboard to tag items and share in Socl.

It’s definitely a beautiful looking site and well done, but I wonder if it will catch on? Google + is struggling against Facebook.  Will Microsoft be able to break in and sustain in the market?

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