On Buying New Running Shoes…


I love to run. It’s the hardest thing to do but once you’re in a groove or a rhythm, you feel like you’re flying.  I know that sounds odd to a non-runner, but it’s true.

I always found that the first mile was the hardest. I still feel that way.  Since all of the injuries that I had in the past couple of years, I developed plantar fascitis, a severe pain in my heals.

I’ve bought heal cushions and that helps but it started acting up again when I was running the other day wearing my Newton’s running shoes. For those of you who don’t know, Newton builds up the mid point of your foot instead of the heal so that when you land you land on the upper mid part instead of your heal.  They worked well for a while until this flare-up.  That’s when I realized I needed new sneakers.

I decided that I would stop off at Lynbrook Runner’s Shop on Atlantic Avenue in Lynbrook.  I like the owner, Ellen, and she’s always pointed me in the right direction.  When I got there, Ellen wasn’t there.  “Sorry, she’s on vacation,” the young man behind the counter told me. “Maybe I can help?”

I told him my problem and explained that when I was running, I was finding the arches really hurting me. He talked me into buying the Strassburg Sock (a night splint but only comes with one not a pair). He also showed me several different sneakers that were very supportive including the New Balance, Brook’s, Muzuno and a pair of Saucony‘s.

The New Balance 1260 was 100% more cushioned and supportive than any of the other shoes he showed me.  I decided to make the purchase along with a couple of pairs of running pants and I was on my way.

He told me as I left that if I wasn’t satisfied for any reason that I should bring the sneakers back.  Now, that’s customer service for you!


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