10 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Using Video…

1) Interview A Client
Clients have a lot to say about their services and products. By giving them the opportunity to be interviewed for your blog, gives them added value and more exposure.

2) Interview a Staff Member
Let the world know what your staff do at their job. Also, let people in on their personal lives. There may be a connection that can help you win some business.

3) Film the Office During Session
Just take your video camera around the office and film real time interactions between employees and clients. This may prove to be beneficial as your audience will see how efficient and effective your work environment is.

4) Talk About Something New
Is there a new trend in the industry? Do you have something to teach your audience? You can dub in powerpoint slides and make the video into a mini lecture.

5) Take Footage at an Event
If you are hosting an event or you are a presenter at a conference or workshop, why not film it and put it on your blog. You never know, it may lead to other “gigs.”

6) Show What You Do
Why not talk about the services you offer or walk your audience through your blog?

7) Trends Feature
Is there something new that’s going on in your industry? If so, shoot yourself talking about it and talk about your views on how it will make your field of expertise better or worse.

Video can really enhance a blog and if used right may even go viral!

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  1. Lisa

    I think videos are great – helps me connect with the person sharing their advice, thoughts and insights!

    1. Hilary JM Topper

      Thanks Lisa for your response. I love video blogs or vlogs.  They are fun and can really help with one’s marketing efforts.  

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