Top Picks at the Disney Festival of the Arts


This is the fourth annual Festival of the Arts in Disney’s Epcot Theme Park and it’s my second one. I had the opportunity to attend this year, thanks to Disney for giving me a hopper pass.

The Festival of the Arts is a combination of art, food, performance art and a ton of fun. I think this may be one of my favorite Disney festivals. Here are my top picks:

Here are my top picks:

Street Art

There are artists at Disney’s Festival of the Arts making chalk art on the sidewalks. Each piece is better than the next, however, if it rains, it will get washed up!

You can actually watch as the artists draw.

This was one of my favorite chalk art paintings.

They even had a 3D painting from the movie, Frozen!

Become One with Art

Throughout the festival, there are various stands set up where you can jump into a photo of a famous Monet artwork or even put your hands over your face and pretend to scream in Dali’s famous “The Scream.”

Here I’m part of wall art.

Food Art

As you walk around the world showcase, there are kiosks with various foods from around the world. Each has an artistic flair. Here is a sampling of some of the food we sampled:

The chocolate lava cake in France was incredible.
The decompressed cheesecake was delicious!
The chocolate lava cake and the brie baked in bread was incredible!

Make Art

There’s even an opportunity to make art while you’re at the Festival of the Arts. At this kiosk, you could make ceramic art.

Here you can create ceramic dishes your way.
While a staff member rides a stationary bike, you can pick out your colors and create something beautiful.

At the Festival of Art at Epcot, you could even be part of something bigger by painting a few squares on a wall.

Performance Art

Epcot is known for its performance art and the Festival of Arts is no exception.

Buy Art

There are lots of kiosks to buy either Disney inspired art or unique gifts.

The Festival of the Arts at Epcot runs from January 17 to February 24. It’s definitely an event not to miss. My advice, come hungry!