Will Sensors Control Us and Our Future?


South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive has been filled with old concepts re-defined and new ideas about the future.  Interestingly, futurist, Josh Clark, and former Vice President, Al Gore, talked about what’s likely to happen in the future, specifically addressing sensors and how they will be used.

One of the examples that they both gave was a cow farm in Switzerland.  They explained that these Swiss cows wear sensors.  When they are in heat, the sensors alert the farmer via text message.  Pretty cool stuff, huh?

They also both talked about Google Glass.  (For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Google Glass is a pair of glasses that you wear that connects you to the Internet. By verbal and touch commands, you can hang out with someone on Google Plus, you can surf the internet to find the nearest restaurant or gas station, and you can check out the news of the day.)  Obviously, Google Glass is the first step in placing sensors on humans.

Think about it, by having sensors on your body, doctors can detect where a disease may be.  That could be amazing, right?

So why are sensors so scary to me?

Is it the privacy issue?  With the right technology, anyone can detect where you are through your cell phone.

Is it the fact that by touching air, people will think you’re crazy?  At first everyone thought people where crazy talking on cell phones, when it looked like they weren’t talking with anyone at all.  So, I guess we’ll get used to touching air, figuring that the person is connected to a computer.

Or is it that we may be a controlled society like Captain Piquard when he was captured by the Borg?

What do you think?





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