THERE’S $$$ IN MISTAKES by Dan Schaefer, Ph.D.


THERE’S $$$ IN MISTAKES by Dan Schaefer, Ph.D

How many times has a client come to you with a problem that has cost them money, time, and aggravation that you could have spared them if only they had come to you sooner?

SOONER is the key word!  “I wish I had come to you sooner.”  “I wish I had this information sooner.” “I wish someone had told me sooner.” You hear it over and over. What would you say if I told you that you can use others’ mistakes to build your business, save clients a fortune and QUICKLY separate from your competition.

Peak Performance Strategy and Confidential Sounding Board clients are working backwards from 2023. They discover that this psychologically powerful approach to client attraction and business development works very well for them and for their clients. They identify where they want to be and then look backwards to discover potential obstacles.

More times than you might like, delivering for your clients depends on things you cannot control. What if you could:

    ♣ Enhance the perceived credibility and performance of your witnesses.

    ♣ Help them be more persuasive and influential.

    ♣ Eliminate nonverbal communication that undermines what your witnesses say.

    ♣ Imbue your witnesses with sincere, convincing body language.

    ♣ Build powerfully convincing words and phrases into your witnesses’ testimony.

    ♣ Manage the stress your witnesses feel ­ both leading up to and during the time of testimony so that they appear relaxed, confident and in control.

Imagine emerging from every challenge successfully, whether it’s related to business, your performance on the field or your presence on stage. To do this, you need to develop winning strategies. Most of us do not go into high pressure situations nearly as well-armed as we could be. Halfway measures give your inner opponent the advantage and compromise your ability to perform as well as you would like.

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