10 LinkedIn Tips…

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LinkedIn is a great marketing tool if used correctly.  Here are some tips:

Eliminate direct solicitation.

Don’t invite everyone in your network to an event.  Make sure your list is targeted. (I can’t tell you how many events I get invited to on LinkedIn and I’ve thought about deleting people because of it.)

Put up your photo. People relate to people they can see.

Fill out your entire profile.  It should say 100 percent complete.  The more information, the easier it will be for people to search for you.

Tell your staff to create a LinkedIn profile.  The more people who talk about your organization, the higher you will be on the LinkedIn search engine.

Add all of your past positions, college, high schools, etc.  The more information in your profile, the easier it is for someone to find you.

Don’t forget your maiden name women. You may have people from your past looking for you and won’t be able to find you with your married name.

Join groups and get engaged!  You may even consider creating groups.

Be careful linking your Twitter feed to LinkedIn.  Your contacts will be confused with the “#” and “@” symbols.

Use the LinkedIn search engines to find people with who you want to connect.


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    Good tips!

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