10 Things Not To Do In Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest

In Vienna:
1)    Don’t go out of your way for the Sachertorte at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna.  It was sour, bitter and not satisfying.
2)    Avoid going to Mozart’s House.  He lived there with his wife for 2 years but there’s nothing inside.  They don’t know what was in the house and only have replicas of photos and music he wrote.

In Prague:
3)    Don’t bother standing in line to see the Hall of Mirrors in Prague.  It takes two minutes to go through and wasn’t worth the money.
4)    Don’t wear high heels in Prague. The whole entire town is cobblestone.
5)    Avoid gelato in Town Square in Prague, unless you want to get the smallest scoop of ice cream and pay the most amount for it.
6)    Avoid waiting for the Town Square clock to strike at the hour.  It’s a very old clock and it is beautiful to look at but to race to get there on the hour is not worth it.

In Berlin:
7)    Beware of gypsies in Berlin.  They come up to you and ask if you speak English. If you say “yes,” they will try to sell you something and won’t leave you alone until you do.
8)    Avoid getting on the wrong train.

In Budapest:
9)    Don’t go to the Great Market Hall – There may be bargains there but it’s the same goods as on the street.  It has mostly meats and produce for sale.  We had bread for breakfast and it was stale. The crowds don’t make it worth it.
10)    Beware of the people who know English when they serve you and then when there’s a problem, don’t understand anything.

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