Aging Hikers Inspiring!

I was riding a horse up a mountain in the dessert. I was with my family and several other people.  My husband and my son were riding close to the guide and the people behind me lagged a bit so I rode solo up and down a mountain in the dessert.

As I was riding, I was feeling at one with the horse. I never felt that way before because I’m not a big horseback rider. I hardly ever go.  But for some reason, as I rode solo, I felt very comfortable and relaxed.

As the horse went close to the edge on steep cliffs, I wasn’t scared, which is unusual for me. I knew we would be okay.  And we were.

As we were riding, we kept passing older couples hiking up the mountain.  Some were in their 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s.  I was so impressed.  They did so much better than I could have done and as I watched them hike up the mountain, I secretly wished that when I get to be that age, I can do the same…

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