Are We So Conditioned Like Pavlov’s Dog?

Things happen, we respond.  That’s a fact of life.  But we all seem to have a little piece of Pavlov’s dog in us, as soon as we step foot on a plane.

The two bells in the beginning of the flight means the front door is closed and locked.  Then, the captain always says, “turn off anything with an on-off switch.” The flight attendants go through their drill about the exit doors, seat belts (as if no one knows how to buckle a belt), seat cushions turn into floating devices, and so on. And then walk around the plane.  It’s always the same protocol, every time.

Once the plane lands and is at the gate, everyone on the plane knows what that means. As soon as the two bells ring, everyone is out of their seats!  It doesn’t matter that the door isn’t open and no one is moving.  It doesn’t matter that everyone is squished in the aisle.  And, it doesn’t matter if bags get placed on toes.

What matters is, the bell goes off and everyone reacts just like Pavlov’s dog.

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  1. Lisa

    SO true. I never understand what the rush is. If you’re in the back of the plane, you’re going to have to wait until everyone files out, so why not just keep reading that book/magazine and take the time to relax!

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