Bald Barbie, A Positive Image by Christine Presto

Barbie: tall, blonde, skinny, unproportionally sized in all the right places. As a little girl it is hard to not want to aspire to be the role model for beauty. She has the perfect boyfriend Ken along with an amazing pink house, car and a wardrobe packed with every accessory possible. Every little girl I know, myself included, wanted to be just like Barbie.

But what if you are not the normal little girl, the kind that goes to school every day with bows tied to the end of your long braided pig tails and a Selena Gomez backpack strapped on? What if you had to wake up every morning to medications, treatments and doctors picking and prodding? What if you saw little more of the “outside world” than just the sunshine coming in through the window of your hospital room? What type of role model do you have?

Children fighting cancer have a whole different strength that most adults would not be able to muster. In their small amount of time on earth, they go through more challenges than most can imagine.  Well, these little girls that are surviving each day are making noise, and will hopefully have a new Barbie to look up to. She is called Beautiful and Bald Barbie, and she is making her campaign heard!

She has not yet been manufactured, but those trying to begin her production are creating headlines and are being supported by many. According to their Facebook fan page, the new Barbie would serve as a coping mechanism for those little girls who lost hair due to chemotherapy treatment.  It is also a goal of those running the campaign that proceeds from the sale of Bald and Beautiful Barbie would be donated to childhood cancer research. With the large amount of support, Mattel should begin listening.

Link to Facebook Page:

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