Twitter and the Long Island Association…

The other day, I attended the Long Island Association annual breakfast meeting with both Nassau County and Suffolk County Executives – Ed Mangano and Steven Bellone.

I was really impressed with both of them.

As they spoke, I checked in on Foursquare.  I noticed that there were three other people signed in from a room of more than 500 people. I wondered why no one else checked in.

Ed Mangano signed in, but I don’t think he actually checked in because I wrote him a message and he didn’t respond to me.  It led me to believe that although he may be on this site, he has someone else managing it.  (If I were County Executive, I would certainly check and respond to comments, but I guess that’s me…)

I looked at Twitter to see if anyone was writing anything about what the two execs were saying. You know what I found?


I was shocked.  We live in a digital age and here there are 500 people in the room and no one has anything to say?  I really found that hard to believe.

I also checked out their Facebook pages and you know what I found?  A lot of self-promotion!  I’m surprised that they didn’t learn anything from President Barak Obama.  He and his staff knew how to engage an audience and develop a following.
I have nothing bad to say about either Ed or Steve.  I think highly of both of them.  They are both good people.  But when Ed says that he’s gotten a lot of flack about proposals, don’t you think that wouldn’t be the case if he knew how to use social media the right way?


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