Preservation Hall Turns 50…

A couple of months back, my husband, Brian, asked me if I wanted to go see Preservation Hall in concert at Carnegie Hall.  I said, sure.

I had never heard Preservation Hall play but I thought it might be an interesting concert, since this was its 50th anniversary.

Growing up, I never liked jazz music.  I got bored and restless with it.  But as I got older, I started to appreciate it more and more.

My first taste of jazz came in college when I was friends with a Jazz musician.  He played the guitar and played for hours and hours.  He wanted to be a professional.  His favorite artist was Pat Metheny. As soon as I heard this type of music, I realized I loved it.  I found it very soothing to listen to and helped me focus.

But as time went by, I stopped listening.  Until I met another musician after working several years, he turned me on to jam jazz.  He would go to a pub every Monday evening and bring his sax and play with random players.  It all sounded rehearsed and really good.

My preference has always been to listen to either alternative rock, rock or pop music so I stopped listening to jazz for a long time.

After seeing the Preservation Hall Concert in  Carnegie Hall the other evening, I think I’m back on the Jazz bandwagon!

The group was so talented.  I was impressed with each individual musician.

What I liked best about the concert was that each song varied and there were plenty of guest stars on the stage including: My Morning Jacket, The Givers, The Blind Boys of Alabama and even The Office star, Ed Helms.

Although I was extremely uncomfortable sitting up in the dress section with my knees practically squished into my chest, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the band.  This was one of the best concerts I had seen in a long time.

I only wished that they taped the concert so that I could enjoy the DVD… I guess next time…

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    I really didn’t know Preservation Hall… but I just downloaded some of the Amazon links that you provided. They’re pretty good! Thank you!

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