Can We Talk with the Dead?

drinking beer with dad

I had a strange experience. My dad passed away nearly two years ago in September. After finalizing his distribution, I felt compelled to put my own money into our joint account and keep it open.

I know this sounds strange but I just couldn’t part with closing the account. I had felt a deep connection to him and closing it would mean that I would close that part of my life.

Wells Fargo

So, I mailed myself the amount I put into the account. Instead of the check from me, I left my dad’s name on it. The check arrived the other day and I deposited it in my account.

I thought, “This is the last check I’ll ever receive with my dad’s name on it.”

After feeling nostalgic, I put the check aside and opened Facebook.


To my surprise, this appeared:

facebook post

What’s strange about it is that if it came at any other time, I wouldn’t think twice about it. But it came right after I deposited my check.

It makes me think that although someone may not be with us, they are still here. What are your thoughts?