Can You Be Happily Married? Here’s Some Tips! #SwifferEffect


It always amazes me to talk with couples who have been married 40+ years.  My parents were married for 50 years and although they had their ups and downs, they were happy. My in-laws were also married nearly 50 years and they too seem to be happily married.

With the divorce rate at an all time high, I wonder what makes for a happy marriage.  According to recent statistics, half of all marriages end in divorce. So when you see couples like the one in the video being married for more than 40 years, you just want to smile.  What I also love about this video is that this  featured couple is a local Long Island couple.  Check this out and then I’ll share some tips I found on the Internet on how to stay married for good…

10 Tips on Staying Married:

1. Respect each other and let each other do their thing.

2. Find things to do together that you both enjoy.

3. Make sure you like each other as friends first and always.

4. Take time to reflect why you originally fell in love and think about your time before you got married.

5. Schedule a weekly date night where the two of you could spend time alone to talk about the week and discuss just about anything.

6. Pay attention to your partner and don’t take assume that the person will be there forever.  Live in the now.

7. Give your partner positive reinforcement and tell him/her what you love. It’s important to make sure you support each other and back each other up.

8. Keep things different.  Go for a bike ride together. Run together.  Go on a hike. Go kayaking. Do something that is different than you normally do and make sure to change it up.

9. Don’t criticize or correct your partner in public.  If you have something to say, say it alone in the privacy of your own home.

10. Always listen, don’t judge and be supportive.



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