Double Booking a Business Meeting…

I met Mike Stafford of Farrell Fritz, PC online.  He and I are connected via LinkedIn. He sent me a note telling me that he used to work at Ruder Finn/PR and wanted to know if we could meet up to network.

I agreed.  I love connecting with different people!

We set the date and were going to meet at the Harvest Diner in Westbury.

Over the weekend, I get this email confirmation on my Apple MacBook Air
from a woman named Kathleen asking me if we were still on for this week at the Diner.  I had no idea who she was.  Did I overbook again?  Am I losing my mind? Do I know a Kathleen?

I sent the email around to my staff.  They all wrote me back saying they didn’t know who she was.  I wrote her back telling her I had a conflict and told her that we need to reschedule.

When I finally met with Mike, he started to tell me that he got a new Apple iPad 2 and that his email and his wife’s email are one.  So, he sent me the email from Kathleen but thought it was from him.  I started to laugh.  Actually, I couldn’t stop laughing. I was so happy that I didn’t overbook!


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