Labor Day and White Pants?

I think I first heard about not wearing white pants after Labor Day from one of my High School friends, Abby Alexander.  She was so sure about this fact that she even showed me magazine articles about it.

So for years, I didn’t wear white after Labor Day.

I was recently looking through my closet and found that I have almost two dozen pairs of white pants — cropped pants, capris and long pants.  Am I really not going to wear these after Labor Day?

In recent years, white has become a popular color in the winter.  Designers don’t call them “white” anymore,  they call them “winter white.”  Does anyone know the difference between white and winter white???

So if white is a popular color in the winter, then it’s just not a popular color in the fall and spring?

I think this Labor Day thing is limiting us.  We should get out there and protest.

As a matter of fact, I would love for you to join me and wear white pants the first day back in the office after Labor Day.  Now wouldn’t that be cool?