Geocaching And Finding Nothing?

“Hey,” I said to my family while we were eating at the Crepe place in Long Beach, NY, “after dinner let’s try going Geocaching.”

“What’s that?” my son asked me.  I showed him my iphone where I downloaded the app.

Geocaching is a new way to scavenger hunt.  People all across the world hide caches while other people try to locate these caches using their mobile device.  Once you find the cache, you log in your name, date and time and you put it back where you found it so that others can locate it. On some occasions, the cache has a small prize.

We looked at Geocaching and we decided to look for one on or near the boardwalk.  We had the coordinates.  We drove the car to the designated place walked up on the boardwalk and started to look.  When we couldn’t find anything, we decided to take it under the boardwalk. The whole family got involved.  We were all looking under the boardwalk for this lonely cache.

My son and I were most enthusiastic about finding it.  Unfortunately, we were unable to locate anything.  We looked, and looked and looked and nothing.  We were out there at least a half hour looking for this cache.  We used the compass that comes with the app. We used the actual coordinates and nothing.  It was disappointing.

To try to pick the spirits up, I told my husband, son and daughter to do a bump.  They didn’t want to do it but I insisted.  We all put out our hands and bumped knuckles while saying: “topper family.”

“You know guys, it’s about the journey, not the destination,” I told the kids.


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  1. Andrea

    You got it exactly right…I always say it’s not about the numbers.

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