Nordstrom and the Graduation Day Fiasco…

When Zoey, my daughter, and I were in Las Vegas for her 21st birthday bash, we went to Nordstrom to try to find a graduation dress. We found one that fit her perfectly and she loved it.  I bought it, she took it back to Syracuse University (her college) and she stored it away for graduation day.

When the big day came, she put on the dress and noticed that the security tag was still attached.  She got upset.  “How can I still wear this? I have nothing else to wear….”

I felt terrible and convinced her to wear the dress. “No one will notice,” I said.

But I noticed and she noticed. There may have been others who noticed but no one said anything.  I wrote a tweet and sent it to @nordstrom. They responded immediately.  They wanted to know where I was and if they had a store close by, they would have been down to the school removing the security tag.

They called me and told me if the nearest Nordstrom wasn’t in Roosevelt Field, Long Island, they would have been there. Instead, they told me that they would remove the security tag at the nearest store and credit me fully for the dress.

Now that’s customer service and something I’ll remember (and I know my daughter will too) for a long time!



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  1. Jim Estill

    Mistakes are an opportunity to wow the customer.

    Good post

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      Thanks Jim… It just reinforces the fact that sometimes price shouldn’t be the motivating factor in a purchasing decision. It should be the entire customer experience.

  2. Sharon Maxwell-Yamamoto

    Oh wow, that’s just awful, I feel so bad for your daughter that she had to be so upset about that. I think Nordstrom is great (I worked there many years ago in the couture dept) and it’s just too bad no other retailer could have removed it for you..I was thinking to take it to Macy’s or wherever was near you, show them the receipt and ask them to help you.

    My other suggestion is…if that ever happens again, God forbid, wear light colored stockings so it won’t show up as much against the leg. I could just see myself, frantically trying to find appliques to sew over it and all around the bottom of the dress to disguise it LOL! Ugh! What a disappointment for her. But…actually a great story she can laugh about in years to come.

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      She was actually wearing a black layered dress with the white security tag. She didn’t wear pantyhose. (I actually took this photo from the internet. It’s one of Lindsey Lohan…) Thanks for your comments… 🙂

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