Hair and Spirituality…

I’m one of those people who believe that things happen for a reason and that when someone enters your life, even if it’s for a moment, he/she will teach you something.

Through the years, I have had amazing people enter my life and really had an impact on me, professionally and/or personally.

One of the people who I tend to visit on a frequent basis is my hair cutter, Edelma Torres.  Edelma works at the Red Door Salon in Woodbury and she is an amazing and talented person.  I have seen people with the worst cuts sit in her chair and look beautiful after she gets through with them.

In addition to being my colorist and hair stylist, Edelma is also one of my spiritual advisers. Every time I go to get a cut, color or blow out, we get into deep conversations about the universe.

One time, I left with a audio book from Deepak Chopra.  Another time, I left with a book on affirmations.  The other day, I left with a meditation that I wanted to share with you:

There is a divine peace and divine order at the center of every person, situation and thing. I sense this peace and order within my own self. It is a mighty presence maintaining my life in right action and without friction. This presence is a healing presence. It is God forever enriching my consciousness. It is perfect Mind directing me to greater good. It is love and beauty making glad my heart.

Knowing this, all inharmony and emotional congestion cease. Peace abides in my consciousness. I cease all judgment; I am not hurt my others’ judgments of me. I love people but use wisdom in that loving. With the same wisdom I receive joy and appreciation. My subconscious mind is clear of all false patters.

Divine peace and order now functioning in my consciousness prevent me from worrying. I look forward in life with positive expectancy. I maintain peace in all personal relationships, for I know they are spiritual beings like myself. We are all one in the divine order of Being. I rejoice in the good of the past, the glory of Now and in the expanded good I shall have. by Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

We are tackled every day with negativeness in our lives but if we can focus on what is really important and not get upset by the negative actions of others, we will all live in peace…


  1. Borntosucceed Go

    I love this post. It is full of truth and peace. Thanks.

    1. Hilary Topper

      thank you!

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