How to Add More Protein to Your Diet


I gained weight over the COVID lockdown. I know, I’m not alone. Most people gained the “COVID-19.” So, what do we do about it? Do we try to take it off or do we just live with it?

According to nutritionists and weight loss physicians, in addition to adding more protein to your diet, make sure you get a good night’s sleep along with reducing your daily stress.

Here are some tips on getting more protein in with each meal:


  • Instead of just eating Oatmeal, try putting in a tablespoon of Almond Butter.
  • Instead of having an English Muffin, try having it with cottage cheese.
  • Instead of having a glass of milk, try having a protein shake.


  • Instead of having a salad, try adding chicken or shrimp to it.
  • Instead of having toast, add tuna to it.
  • Instead of having mac and cheese, add in tuna fish.


  • Instead of having eggplant parm, add in ricotta cheese.
  • Instead of having a meatball sub, cut out the bread and have meatballs over zucchini noodles.
  • Instead of having fried chicken, have grilled chicken with fresh vegetables.

Just some suggestions but when you eat anything, think Protein first! This will help you lose weight and keep you healthy!

P.S. I’m not a nutritionist but have gone to several and have been on lots of diets. Through my triathlon training and readings, I came up with this blog article. I am not a doctor and if you are having a problem, please seek medical advice.