I Went Shooting….

The other night, I was invited to an exclusive gun club in the village. Having never been to a gun club before, my Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s (EO) forum group was meeting there and I was excited to go,.

When I walked in, it reminded me of some other private clubs in NYC, like the Harvard Club, Yale Club or even one of the art clubs.

We went upstairs for our meeting.  When the meeting was finished, we went down to the basement to “shoot” 22 caliber rifles in a shooting range.

I had never shot a 22 before.  To be honest, I never shot a gun before.  The only time I shot a rifle was when I went skeet shooting with my first EO Forum group.

I was so excited.  The man behind the counter showed me how to use the riffle and load the gun.  He put a target up of a man holding a gun back at me. I “killed it!” I shot the guy in the heart not once but twice!

Then he put up another target for me.  This time it was a bull’s eye.  Again, I had a near perfect round.

When I finished the round, I walked away smiling.  I told my friends that I must have been a “shooter” in a past life because otherwise I really couldn’t explain it!  They laughed and said, “yeah sure….”

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  1. Jillian

    What a ritzy place! Sounds like fun!

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      It was fun… I want to go back.  Too bad I’m not a member…

  2. Anonymous

    It looks like you have found a new hobby, and great stress
    reliever. I have found women tend to be a better shot then men. My older
    daughter can shoot the tips off tree limbs. So the advice here (from Dad) is
    any fellow better not stand around her doing nothing, or she may mistake him
    for a tree.

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