Why Does Lifetime Fitness Put So Much Energy into Recruiting New Clients?

swimming at Lifetime Fitness

I joined Lifetime Fitness a few months ago because most of the pools were closed due to the pandemic. Lifetime Fitness in Garden city has a beautiful facility with a decent indoor lap pool with four lanes and an outdoor lap pool with six lanes. I was a happy camper.

When I showed an interest, the sales team was extremely pushy to make the close. I understand that they have a quota and I’m not saying anything negative about that.

What I am saying is that when I told them I was leaving, instead of asking me why and trying to keep me a member of the club. They didn’t seem to care that I left.

Started to Think

I guess I was the same way in my business for a long time. I was always looking for the next customer because customers come and go. However, I learned early on that getting a new customer costs a lot in the acquisition, whereas, you can always try to upsell your existing customer.

To me, it makes sense to take the time and cultivate your existing customers so that they continue to stay with you. Isn’t it better and easier that way to keep your goals?

One of the lifeguards told me to talk with the manager, but when I was there, he was not so I never had the opportunity to talk about this to him. The lifeguard told me that management puts extra effort into keeping customers. I told him that wasn’t my experience.