Pinterest? What’s All the Craze About?

PinterestIf you are online, then I’m sure you’ve seen an invitation from one of your friends to join Pinterest.

On the day I signed up I had more than 10 requests so I decided to check it out. And, once I did, I got hooked!

Pinterest is a new social networking site that enables you to have your own online bulletin board where you can “pin” stuff you like or want to keep, just like the bulletin board you may have at home.  Some people may use Pinterest when they are redecorating their home to pin up furniture and patterns for various rooms.  Others use it for a special occasion like a wedding, where they pin up bridal gowns, flowers and tuxedos that they like.

On my Pinterest page, I have several boards including: things I love to do, social networking sites, books I enjoyed reading and Music I like to listen to.   On each board, I post various items.  For example on my things I love to do board, I posted my work, HJMT, the radio show, Hilary Topper On Air and my blog,  These are some of the things I love to do.

In January 2012, the site attracted more than 11 million unique visitors. This makes it a prime for potential for business.

For starters, it can have an affiliate links.  So when someone, including the pinner, clicks on a product that they like, the product could be purchased.

It also enables sales people to get a real look at who they are soliciting before they meet the person.  This will enable them to connect and have an advantage.

Here are some tips on using Pinterest:

• If you sign in to Pinterest, make sure that you spend the time filling up your bulletin boards.  Don’t leave it empty and stagnant, otherwise no one will follow you and you will not be able to connect with potential business propsects.
• If you want to get noticed on Pinterest, link it with Twitter and Facebook.  This will enable your community to learn more about you through things you like
• Consider a daily or weekly theme on Pinterest
• If you’re promoting a product, display it on Pinterest.
• If you have a service, show off what you do. For example, if you have a design firm, show off your work. If you have a PR firm, show off your placements.
• Finally, make sure you watch what others do on Pinterest.

One of our reader’s submitted the following links on Pinterest, which will offer you some additional valuable information.  Check it out.  Thanks Jeanne Grunart of Seven Oaks for sharing with us!
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  1. Jeanne Grunert

    Great post!  A few cautions. Yesterday, an attorney came out with a thought-provoking article questioning the legality of pinning certain photos. When in doubt – leave it out.  I like to watermark my website URL or blog URL on the images, or link to them in the pin.  It gets some good viral marketing going and hopefully additional links into the pages, which helps the SEO.  I love to take pictures of pretty flowers, and sharing them and gardening information is my joy and hobby….so it helps point people to my gardening blog, which I hope becomes a resource for them.  

  2. Interiorsbynanette

    As a designer, Pinterest just looks like a big mess to me.  Houzz in the place to be for design!  I don’t see what all the fuss is about.  Not Pinterested.

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