Restaurants in and around Merrick: The Oak Chalet

The Oak Chalet restaurant
Restaurants in and around Merrick: The Oak Chalet

As my husband and I were driving around the neighborhood, we noticed a quaint little restaurant that looked like a gingerbread house, called The Oak Chalet. The restaurant, family owned and operated since the 1980’s, has a real German feel, inside and out.

When our friends Madeline and Steve and Nelson and June wanted to go out to dinner, we suggested going to The Oak Chalet.

We didn’t know what to expect. The ratings were good on Google and the place looked quaint and fun, but one never knows how the food will turn out until you’re actually there eating it.

When we got there…

The restaurant is five minutes from my new home. We parked in the large parking lot on the side of the restaurant and walked in. As we entered, there was a huge Christmas tree and bar. It was tastefully decorated for the holidays. A woman greeted us at the door. She showed us to our table. For a Sunday night, the place was packed with families and couples.

The table was smallish but big enough for the six of us to sit around and still feel comfortable. It reminded me of a kitchen table. The chairs all had hearts cut out of the back. They were very comfortable.

We arrived at 7 pm. We ordered German beer and German wine. The wine was much better than I expected. The waitress came over and helped us decipher the menu. “Okay and what does this mean?” one of us asked.

She went through all the German specialties and that’s what we ordered. June, Madeline and I split the Sauerbraten with Red Cabbage & Dumpling (which was pot roast) and the Schlacht Platte w Sauerkraut (which was two different types of sausages along with a pork chop). The guys had Wienerschnitzel Holstein (Veal cutlet with egg).

What I thought…

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. I always liked German food, especially when I visited Berlin a couple of years ago with my family. This was really good!

Everything was soft and the flavors danced in your mouth. I think we were all happy with the quality of the food and the amount given. We even ordered dessert. The cheesecake and the rice pudding were exceptional. I ordered the chocolate pudding, but I didn’t care much for it because I found it watery.

Would I recommend? Absolutely! I loved it and plan on going back soon!