Rochester is Beautiful This Time of Year

Rochester FoliageI was recently up in our Rochester office meeting with Lisa Gordon who is a HJMT Vice President. While there, I realized how beautiful it is upstate this time of year.  All of the leaves turned fall colors – gold, orange and red.  Together, the trees looked like a collection in a watercolor painting.

I stayed at the Lodge at Woodcliff in Fairport.  I went up to my room on the fifth floor and noticed when I looked outside the most incredible sunset that went down behind the changing trees.

I sat and stared.  I couldn’t help but look at the incredible picture.  I only wish the battery didn’t die in my camera so that I could have taken a photo to share with you.

When I see sites like this, I appreciate life more.  It makes me realize that no matter how stressful life is, there is always the beauty of nature.

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  1. Lisa

    Can’t believe Long Island got snow before Rochester did!

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