Social Media Video Production Tips by Steven Taub Productions

Professional YouTube VideoSteve Taub is a friend on Facebook.  When he told me what he does, I asked him to provide our readers with some tips on YouTube videos and how to make them go viral.  Here’s what he said:

—Keep your message under two minutes. (A television commercial is 29 seconds and they convey a persuasive message in this allocated time)

–Simple is best. Minimize zooming in and zooming out and panning camera.
(Watch any professional TV program or commercial and notice the camera work is clean.)

–Go to websites and see what big, medium. and small companies are doing video wise on their website. Use your smarts and initiative but “borrow” ideas that suit your needs.

–Write a script. Plan out the video shots and audio components. Do a read of your script to friends that will be honest and critical, then a read to your employees.

–Lighting and audio are important components of video. Be aware of these factors.

–Your completed social media video is a window of your values to potential customers.

Please keep in mind that the quality of your content (on all levels) will be judged by the viewers and they will equate your product or service with your video.
Guest Blogger: Steven Taub of Steven Taub Productions
Looking for consultation or a “Madison Avenue” quality video? Contact Steven at 631.454.1759 or email him at [email protected].


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